Team-Building Day


This one-day session is composed entirely of games and gamified tasks followed by reflection, feedback, discussion on real-life relevance and action planning after each and every game. This day does not involve any trainer input but instead focuses on the trainer as facilitator.

The course will follow the fundamental rules of gamification, that any games or gamified tasks must be:

1. Fun, entertaining and memorable

2. Useful and relevant to participants’ real working lives

The day is indoor and office-based and does not involve any embarrassing tasks, overt physical activity or physical contact.

Course Length:

One day.


Face-to-face only.


Having attended this course, participants will:

1. Have developed their teamwork, team understanding and more.

2. Have advanced essential teamworking competences including communication and feedback.

3. Be better able to make decisions, solve problems and think creatively.

4. Have formed better working relationships with others on the day.

5. Have reflected on their own performance, discussed the relevance of games to real-life and formed action plans based on the experience.

Who Should Attend:

The day is aimed at:

- New or established teams

- Groups from companies where “silo mentality” is a concern

The course will strengthen any existing team or better establish a new team. The day will develop numerous competences that are essential for teamwork including communication, conflict-handling, decision-making, giving and receiving feedback, problem-solving, creativity and many more.

Key Features of the Course:

Key content of this course is:

- Construction and building tasks

- Problem solving games

- Design games

- Puzzles

- Simulations and roleplays

- Communication games

- Reflection and feedback

Outline / Technical Proposal:


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