Interviewing Skills


This intensive and practical training course will develop the essential skills and mindset needed for effective workplace interviewing.

Course Length:

Two days.


Face-to-face or virtual group course.


Having attended this course, participants will:

1. Understand the purpose of interviews, the qualities of an interviewer and best practice in interviews and to be able to manage interviewing as part of a wider recruitment strategy.

2. Be able to conduct various forms of interviews including one-to-one, virtual and panel interviews.

3. Be able to handle the production or processing of documents linked to interviews including CVs, job descriptions, job advertisements and specifications.

4. Be able to overcome bias in interviewing and questioning and know the different types of interview questions and how to make questions as effective as they can be.

5. Be able to use different forms of testing in interviews, know what psychometrics can be used in interviews and understand the concept of an assessment centre and to know and be able to design and use different tasks for selection of candidates including puzzles, role plays, simulations, games and others.

Who Should Attend:

The course is aimed at anyone who needs to develop their competences in interviewing and recruiting others.

Key Features of the Course:

- Introductions and group dynamics

- About interviews and interviewing

- Documentation and interviews

- Interviewing and communication

- Effective questioning

- The role of the interviewer

- Body language in interviews

- Technical content in interviews

- Overcoming bias

- Virtual interviewing

- Testing candidates

- Assessment centres

- Candidate differences and psychometric testing

- Making and negotiating job offers

- Recruitment strategy

- Training and development

- Interview practices

- Personal action planning

Recommended Reading:

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Outline / Technical Proposal:


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