This intensive one-day session will develop the competences of participants for effectively delegating work to others in order to better manage time, motivate others, show trust, develop others or make use of their skills.

Course Length:

One day.


Face-to-face or virtual group course.


Having attended this course, participants will:

1. Understand accountability and responsibility better and know the meaning and principles of delegation.

2. Be able to avoid overdelegation, abandonment, abdication and micromanagement.

3. Know why to delegate and know what to delegate and what not to delegate.

4. Be able to monitor and measure performance, motivate others and manage reporting, support and communication during delegation.

5. Be able to coach others and provide feedback on delegated tasks, understand delegation as a leadership style and know alternatives to delegation.

Who Should Attend:

The course is aimed at anyone who needs to develop their competences in delegating work.

Key Features of the Course:

- The meaning and purposes of delegation

- How to delegate

- Directions of delegation

- Barriers to delegation

- Does and do nots of delegation

- Delegation errors

- Delegation and difficulty

- Managing motivation

- Monitoring and measuring performance

- Delegation, coaching and feedback

- Delegation as a leadership style

- Golden rules and personal action planning

Outline / Technical Proposal:


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