Crisis Management


This intensive one-day training course will provide attendees with all of the tools, concepts and approaches they need in ordert to manage and lead in a crisis.

Course Length:

One day.


Face-to-face or virtual group course.


Having attended this course, participants will:

1. Understand the nature of a crisis, possible warning signs and the different types of crisis that exist.

2. Know the stages of crisis management.

3. Be able to plan for and act to prevent a crisis happening.

4. Know how to communicate in a crisis and work toward business continuity and recovery.

5. Have developed the essential competences for leading in a crisis with a focus on decision making.

Who Should Attend:

The course is aimed at anyone who needs to develop their competences in preparing for and managing in crisis conditions.

Key Features of the Course:

- The key features of a crisis

- Types of crisis and warning signs

- The steps of crisis management

- Leadership in a crisis

- Making decisions in a crisis

- Assessing vulnerability and crisis prevention

- Creating a crisis plan

- Crisis training and crisis drilling

- Business continuity

- Crisis communication

- Recovering from a crisis

- Assessing crisis management case studies

- Roleplays and simulations

Recommended Reading:

Bernstein, Jonathan (2011) Manager's Guide to Crisis Management. New York etc.: McGraw-Hill.

Saleh, Yunus D. (2016) Crisis Management. Minneapolis: Mill City Press.

Outline / Technical Proposal:


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