5 S Concept


This intensive course will provide attendees with a full practical understanding of the 5 S concept.

Course Length:

Half a day.


Face-to-face or virtual group course.


Having attended this course, participants will:

1. Understand what the 5 S concept is, what it involves and why it may be needed.

2. Know the direct and indirect benefits that application of 5 S may have.

3. Know the reasons why 5 S may be required.

4. Understand the meaning and use of each "S" in particular - "seiri" ("sort" or "sort out"), "seiton" ("set in order" or "straighten"), "seiso" ("shine"), "seiketsu" ("standardise"), "shitsuke" ("sustain").

5. Be able to form and implement 5 S plans.

Who Should Attend:

The course is aimed at anyone who needs to lead or engage in workplace improvements.

Key Features of the Course:

- What 5 S is

- Why 5 S is a powerful concept

- Direct and indirect benefits of 5 S

- Exploration of each "S"

- How 5 S links to change

- Forming 5 S plans

- Personal action planning

Outline / Technical Proposal:


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