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Training Courses Internationally ...


These in-company courses can be delivered anywhere in the world. Bespoke courses can also be put together as required. Please contact me for a training proposal and quotation. Courses have recently been delivered in the UAE (in Dubai, Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah), Saudi Arabia, Oman, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Malta and China.


                                         Leadership, Management and Coach Training Courses:

                                               - Leadership (2 to 5 days) (choice of core content)

                                               - Coaching and Mentoring Skills (3 days)

                                               - Teamwork, Team Management and Team Building Techniques (2 days)

                                               - Change Management and Change Leadership (2 days)


                                         Business Skills and Functions Training Courses:

                                               - Negotiation Skills and Negotiating (3 days)

                                               - Presentation Skills, Presenting and Public Speaking (3 days)

                                               - Dynamic International Meetings (2 days)


                                         Thinking and Planning Training Courses:

                                               - Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making (3 days)

                                               - Time and Stress Management (2 days)

                                               - Personal and Professional Development (2 days)


                                        Communication Training Courses:

                                              - Intercultural Competence and Working with Diversity (2 days)

                                              - Interpersonal Skills for Business  (2 days)

                                              - Virtual Communication and Virtual Project Management (2 days)

                                              - General or Advanced Communication Skills (2 days)


                                       English Language Training - Business:

                                              - Business English: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced (as required)

                                              - International Business Communication in English: Functional Skills (2 to 5 days)

                                              - Business and Report Writing (3 days)

                                              - Business English Certificate (Cambridge BEC) Preparation (5 to 10 days)


                                       English Language Training - Academic and Tertiary Education:

                                              - English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) / Lecturing in English (5 days)

                                              - Writing Up Research in Academic English (4 days)


                                        English Language Training - Sector Specfic:

                                              - Military English (as required)

                                              - Maritime English (as required; other maritime coures available here)


                                        Trainer and Teacher Training:

                                              - Train the Trainer (5 days)

                                              - English UK / Trinity College Cert IBET (10 days)

                                              - Author Masterclass in Using The A to Z of Coaching (3 days)

                                              - Top TEFL Techniques (3 days)


                                       Coaching - Individual Sessions:

                                              - Executive coaching (1 hour blocks as required)

                                              - Leadership coaching (1 hour blocks as required)

                                              - Academic coaching (1 hour blocks as required)